About Us

G-ocean Inc.

Innovates & Distributes Unique Branded Products & Aims To Render Exceptional Services. We Are Based In New York & Established Since 2009.

G-ocean Inc., mission is to enrich natural beauty, wellness & lifestyle. We are committed to delivering highest quality, authentic, cost effective branded products and aims to render exceptional services to improve and benefit people’s well-being and needs for today and tomorrow.

Our vision is to grow into a leading company that promotes more innovating brands, product collections along with expanding additional top quality product categories that will continue to improve & benefit the diverse needs of quality of life for everyone. Craft opportunities, help Charity, create value & make a difference in the world.

Our Promise:

G-ocean Inc. Bringing Natural Solutions For Your Natural Beauty Health With Our Brand-Shebah Naturals Skin Care. As a result! our hard work and commitment to serve the best value of products brought forth happy consumers across the globe.

G-ocean Inc.  Formulated & Designed Shebah Naturals Vitamin C Serum Brand Skin Care to center on these principles-To correct appearance of aging, fine-lines and wrinkles, To moisturize for nourishing healthy younger looking skin, To protect by eliminate free radicals that causes premature aging & To prevent future skin damage.

Shebah Naturals Clinical Strength 20% Vitamin C Serum For Your Face. This high potency Vitamin C With Hyaluronic Acid Anti-Aging Formula contains the purest natural and luxurious organic ingredients that proven to penetrate optimally into skin.

Love your skin again!
“Turn back the hands of time for healthier natural solutions with Shebah Naturals”.